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Eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits is the one of the easiest ways to achieve sustainable health. One of the best ways to start living a lifestyle focused on health is to learn more about nutrition. Ginger, a secret ‘superfood’ is a great place to start.

Ginger’s Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Property

Ginger contains phenols, that help relax muscles in your body, especially your stomach. Touted for its power to reduce sinus pressure, nausea, and a variety of other ailments, this root truly is a superfood. The root also contains more than 14 bioactive substances that will naturally aid your body with digestion and congestion, and acts as a lightning fast remedy to soothe all varieties of illnesses.

The root has been used for centuries and stands as one of the oldest and most effective natural drugs available. The next time you consider reaching for a bottle of Ibuprofen or aspirin, why not try ginger instead?

How do I prepare Ginger?

If you’re not familiar with the fibrous root, you might be puzzled on how to access its full potential. Visit any grocery store and you’ll find several options. For convenience, you may opt to buy a jar of dry ginger. Dried ginger can be a great supplement for recipes and for medicinal purposes. You’ll also find jars of fresh ginger. This is better than dried, but my personal recommendation? Check out the grocer’s fresh produce section and buy the root whole.

To peel the skin, simply take a potato peeler or paring knife and carefully remove the tough skin. You’ll find a fragrant, golden fruit inside. You can mince the ginger to add to teas, or you can thinly slice the root to add to stir fries, marinades, etc.


What can I make with the Ginger?


Achieving optimal health begins with a commitment to understanding nutrition. Introducing a simple ingredient–like ginger–into your regimen can reduce your reliance on drugs and bring you faster and safer results.