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Jeremie SaintVil

It might be time to get rid of that bottle of Airborne that’s been sitting in your medicine cabinet. It won’t cure the common cold and is, in large part, just a bottle of vitamins. Same thing with any Zicam, Coldcure, or basically any other over-the-counter quick cure for the cold–all of them do little to actually make your sniffling, sneezing and general sickness feel any better.

On the other hand, the one thing that may help after all: chicken noodle soup. That’s right, grandma’s old advice that chicken noodle soup is the best cure for the common cold might carry some weight after all. And while scientists still aren’t quite sure what exactly it is in the soup that has shown to slow down the effects of a cold, it has been lab tested and shown to be at least marginally effective.

So if the classic bowl of chicken noodle can help you out when you need a little sickness support, surely there are other foods that can give us energy, boost our immune system and help ward off disease.

As I’ve reviewed in previous posts, your immune system a huge line of defense against diseases and viruses. If something like the cold virus can get past our exterior barriers like our skin and survive our body temperature, the interior immune system stands as the last defense against virus. The best way to ensure we never get sick, in that case, may be to strengthen our immune system to help its fight against disease.

Here are three simple diet-centric ways to increase your immune system and be sure you don’t catch a cold next winter.

Drink more Tea

Our friends across the pond in England are onto something, it seems. Drinking tea, which contains fairly high amounts of L-theanine, an amino acid responsible for immune system boosts. L-theanine has also been shown to have positive impacts on the memories of people who ingest it regularly, as well as our critical-thinking and attention-switching abilities!

Start Eating Your Fruits and Vegetables

Your parents would be proud if they saw you reading this. Fruits and veggies, especially colorful ones like carrots, tomatoes and strawberries, all of which offer your body antioxidants. Antioxidants can help control the level of inflammation in your body and boost your immune defense to outside contaminants.

Take Your Vitamins

Though we may not be chewing on Flintstone gummy vitamins anymore, taking vitamins now is as important to the boosting of an immune system as it was when we were kids. While something like Airborne won’t help shorten a cold, taking regular vitamins similar to those found in airborne can certainly help boost your immune system. Vitamins C and B act as immune boosters as well as energy boosters, which can help motivate you to work out; another crucial step in helping boost your immune system.

Our immune systems are our line of defense against everything from colds to the flu and everything in between. Boosting your immune system by making small tweaks to your diet is a simple and effective way to stave off the common cold and other illness. When it’s combined with working out and periodic meditation, the trifecta of a healthy body is achieved. Try it yourself and see the results!