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Jeremie SaintVil is passionate about educating the world of health and immunotherapy. In October of 2015, Jeremie lost his younger sister to cancer, which further intensified his passion to share knowledge with others and help them naturally improve their immune systems so that they can live longer, healthier lives.

Research proves that the human body’s immune system is designed to protect against virtually any disease. In fact, a strong, healthy immune system will seek out cancer cells and destroy them before they can multiply, helping to reduce our chances of diagnosis significantly. The specific cells assigned with the task of destroying cancer cells are called “T” cells. When functioning at optimal levels, the immune system can recognize, seek out, and destroy all of the toxins in our bodies. (Yes, all of them!) By eliminating these potentially cancer and disease-causing cells and toxins from our bodies, we reduce our susceptibility to disease and illness, ensuring a that the body we live in is both healthy and disease-free.

The immune system is adaptive: it learns, has memory, and is specific to every person. Thus, the building up of one’s immune system should begin at birth. One well-known geneticist even stated that any new parent should roll their child on the floor of the New York Subway! The reason is because of the “hygiene hypothesis.” Exposure to germs and certain infections, especially at a young age, actually helps prime the immune system so it can defeat these microbes more easily in the future. Just laying in the grass helps boost our immune system. While literally rolling your infant on the floor of a New York City subway station may draw the eyes of some onlookers and necessitate another bath for your child, the point of the hygiene hypothesis holds true: boosting our immune system by exposure is a tried and true means of living a healthy life.

This is why Jeremie so passionately encourages things that have been proven to aid in healthy lifestyles and boost immune systems. These things include exercise, resting, eating less and focusing on natural foods, and spending time in nature. Access to these facts are easily available on the internet but also simply make common sense. As we exercise our body and supplement it with proper rest and relaxation, stress can pour out of our bodies and, somewhat surprisingly, lead to fewer illnesses and a more focused way of living.

Outside of the realm of immunotherapy and cancer-specific interests, Jeremie puts a large amount of his day-today-focus into the idea of living with a healthy mindset overall.

Jeremie SaintVil firmly believes in the three main tenets of living a healthy life: eating naturally, meditation, and getting proper exercise. Each of these is equally as important as the last; no one should be prioritized and none should be forgotten. Using historical information and scientific studies and discoveries, Jeremie fully understands the importance of these factors in not only having a healthy body, but a healthy mind. While stress is almost constantly weighing on our minds, meditation can help to reduce rates of stress.

While eating healthy is an obvious and scientifically proven method of staying healthy, Jeremie believes that another aspect of how we eat is also critically important: eating naturally. Focusing instead on when we eat our meals and how large each is can help us regulate our caloric intake and lead to overall healthier lifestyles.